3 simple homepage improvements that will convert enquiries into clients

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3 Simple Homepage Improvements


Market trends are invaluable insights for independent legal professionals and smaller law firms with limited marketing budgets. So why is it the majority are falling behind the curve with their most basic efforts?

Take a look at this report from Legal Productivity:

  • 70% don’t have a call-to-action (CTA) on their homepage… when 74% of consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action (Google Legal Services Study Sept 2013)
  • 68% don’t have a prominent email address on their homepage… when 74% of prospects beginning an online search want further information quickly (FindLaw survey)
  • 27% don’t have a phone number on their homepage… when 31% of all law firm related website traffic comes through mobile search (FindLaw Aggregated Hosted Site Data 2014).

How can you  leverage these results to improve your own website? Let’s find out…


1. The “Call-To-Action”…

A strong call-to-action prompts prospects to take the next step in their buying journey. It can be as simple as –

  • an invite to download a how-to guide
  • an option to attend a webinar
  • an email newsletter sign up
  • how to get in touch for more information

The benefit – while it’s a given that not everyone landing on your site is there to buy immediately, a strong call-to-action will tempt enquiries to learn more about your services (keep in mind that 74% DO want to take action of some sort). In exchange for your prospective clients’ email addresses (which can be used further along the sales funnel), you’re supplying them with high-quality, relevant content that’s free.


2. The “Email Address”…

While it’s a favoured method for some, not all potential clients want to get in touch via a contact form. An option to email you directly makes it easier for your enquiries to –

  • keep a record of their communications with you
  • dictate how much personal information they provide
  • trust your service through total transparency

The benefit – anchoring your email address to the top of your site is a quick fix, and it could mean the difference between a prospective client reaching out or jumping off into the arms of the competition.

74% of enquiries want more information about you and your services quickly – and your website is the BEST way to advertise in the current climate.  Don’t forget that nowadays, the design of your site needs to centre around usability and the user experience.


3. The “Telephone Number”…

Your telephone number needs to be MORE visible than it probably is right now. If a third of your enquiries are reaching you through mobile search, getting in touch needs to be a fluid transaction that happens at the press of a button. A visible telephone number –

  • simplifies on-the-go contact
  • increases the trust factor
  • lends credibility to a service

The benefit – a study carried out by Kissmetrics found that websites with telephone numbers saw almost 10% more sign ups than those without, suggesting that prospects are more likely to buy if they can reach the person behind the brand at any time.

A telephone number is a great way of showing you’re ready to take your prospective clients’ calls at their convenience – and a service that satisfies will boost sales and rate of word of mouth referrals.


Do you need some guidance in getting your website up to scratch? Or is your law firm leading from the front with an enviable online presence? Let us know.

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