When you’re actively trying to grow your law firm, it can be frustrating to feel like you are doing everything you can but not getting anywhere. If this sounds familiar, this blog is for you.

When prospective clients come to us saying “we’ve tried everything and it’s just not working” we can usually pinpoint a number of reasons, and they typically boil down to these three common marketing oversights:

  • No clear target audience
  • Marketing ‘the old way’
  • Not enough time in the day

Throughout this blog, we address each of these hindrances and give a solution which can be actioned as soon as you’ve finished reading.

1. No clear target audience


Are you clear as to who your target market is? If you don’t know, how do you expect potential clients to know about you? If you keep your website and communication general it won’t attract right-fit clients. For example, say you were looking for some expert legal advice on Commercial Litigation. You come across two different websites:

  • Firm A talks about its commercial law services, as well as personal law, employment law, family law, and estate planning and wills. The language is general and vague, and you have to take your time to work out if this firm is the right fit for you.
  • Firm B states that (among other things) they specialise in Commercial Litigation and have examples of previous Commercial Litigation cases highlighting this. The website is client focused meaning it is simple, easy to navigate and focuses on how their services will help you.

Which would you feel most confident understands your firm and needs? While Firm A may be as well practised in Commercial Litigation as Firm B, Firm B does a better job of demonstrating this, which will attract more new business enquiries. Make sure you are like Firm B.

By speaking broadly (in a bid to appeal to everyone who may want your services), your target market won’t be confident in your knowledge of their industry. Don’t be afraid to call out your ideal clients or specify services you want to grow.

One of the most important places to demonstrate your focus is in your website copy. Make sure your website is ‘client focused’ and not ‘you focused’. In other words, does your website showcase your firm’s appeal to the client by answering their burning questions, solving their problems, and demonstrating how your services are a right-fit solution for their needs?  Or, does it appeal to you by exhibiting pages filled with boastful, irrelevant information that focuses on features, not benefits and results? If it’s the latter then you need to make sure your website and your brand is tailored to the clients’ needs.

The solution: Target, target, target


When it comes to marketing, the aim of the game is: specificity. This means being clear with yourself, and in your language, who your target audience is and tailoring your firm’s communication to appeal to them. This specificity will attract stronger leads which could turn into longer professional relationships.

2) Marketing the old way


It’s safe to say that a lot of law firms haven’t drastically changed how they attract new business over the years. Take networking events as an example—what do you get out of them? If your answer isn’t “new business”, then you may need to rethink spending your valuable time elsewhere. The same old methods that have worked for your firm over the years are simply not going to work anymore.

Likewise, when talking about your marketing strategy, if you find yourself coasting along and saying ‘everyone else is doing it this way’, how will you know when you could be doing things more time and cost effectively than ‘everyone else’ and seeing more success? You need to be proactive and stay up to date with what marketing has to offer for your firm; such as introducing analytics, measuring email effectiveness, taking advantage of social media and creating relevant, interesting content.

Solution: Dare to be different


In a crowded marketplace, your firm needs to stand out. As an example, a few top law firms have branched out into connecting with their audience via YouTube which reflects their position as a modern, innovative firm (Berwin Leighton Paisner, YouTube). 

As millennials make their way into your clients’ boardrooms, law firms are starting to realise that digital channels such as social media can no longer be ignored. But, rather than just being present on these channels, maximise your presence by creating new and sharable content.

Want to start or join conversations in your target audience’s industry? We’ve got a guide for that. Download our Building Authority in the Legal Industry guide to understand where to go to find out who’s saying what.

3) Not enough time in the day


Perhaps you are aware of some of the above and are desperately keen to improve the quality or amount of marketing your firm is currently doing, but simply do not have the time. Effective marketing does take time. Rather than spreading yourself (or your internal resources) too thin, you need to consider what you can realistically do in house and what you will need to outsource. If you find your firm’s marketing efforts are being pushed down your firm’s priority list, take time to consider how serious you are about actually growing your firm.

If you’re truly invested, marketing has to be at the forefront of your mind. We appreciate this isn’t easy…

Solution: Propero Partners


… so that’s where we come in. At Propero Partners, we worry about generating new enquiries so you don’t have to.

As digital marketing specialists, marketing our clients’ firms is all we think about. We design and implement strategic marketing campaigns and ensure that your firm is front of mind whenever the need of your services arise.

If you are interested in starting a conversation with us, please leave a comment below or contact us via our website. Alternatively, if this blog has piqued your interest, but you’re not quite ready to reach out, then sign up for our newsletter which is mailed out every month and includes information and tips on how to effectively market your law firm.

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