90-Day Marketing Plan:

Grow Your Service Firm in 3 Months or Less
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It’s easy to get caught up in all the challenges that come with running a firm.

Once you’ve ploughed your energy and resources into finding new clients, managing existing ones, staffing, financing growth, and more, there’s little time left in the day to think about creating an effective marketing strategy.

The good news is that the 90-Day Marketing Plan from Propero does it all for you.

This book, due to be released on 14 September 2016, is your pragmatic roadmap to success in today’s competitive marketplace, and will help you to:

  • Better understand your market
  • Further develop your brand
  • Reach and attract new clients
  • Easily navigate the maze of online marketing
  • Create profitable advertising campaigns
  • Stir you into taking decisive action to grow your firm

Setting up shop, opening the doors and waiting for clients to walk through seems easy enough, but the firms trying to get discovered organically know it doesn’t work like that.

Without a plan to expose your firm to the right people, you risk being buried beneath a flood of competitors showing up in front of prospective clients ahead of you.

But WITH a comprehensive plan of action, you’re getting straightforward advice and exercises (including handy worksheets and templates) that will guide you through, and help you implement, entirely new strategic marketing processes.

This plan unravels the secrets to becoming a leader in the digital stakes, with in depth analysis into fundamental areas like:

  • SOCIAL MEDIA… YouTube says that 25% of people researching legal topics visit their site during the process.
  • CONTENT MARKETING… Legal Productivity reports that 97% of law firm websites fail to deliver any kind of personalised content.
  • PAID ADVERTISING… Wolters Kluwer found that just 15% of accounting firms have incorporated advanced online activities such as ‘pay-per-click’ ads and webinars into their strategy.
  • And much, MUCH more…

…helping you to position your services in a way that only attracts “right fit” enquiries, engage clients on the platforms they use to search for you, and create and maintain demand for your offering.

NO jargon.

NO padding.

Just real world, actionable steps.

Learn about…

Best practice SEO… which means understanding the changes that need to be made to your website, in order to positively impact your site’s user experience, visibility and performance in search results.

Improving your firm’s branding… which means understanding how a combination of name, consistent theme and image can help you to establish a unique presence in the industry that creates and retains loyal clients.

Growing your database… which means understanding how to make the most of the tools that will give you direct access to the type of clients you want to bring onboard, and the existing clients you want to retain.

Writing marketing emails… which means understanding how the creation of engaging content and regular contact with prospective and existing clients will help prevent database deterioration by roughly 22% every year.


  • Seeing limited success from your current business-building efforts
  • Prioritising tasks that aren’t adding revenue to your bottom line
  • Getting bogged down with technical terminology that stunts your progress


  • Implementing practical advice that will drive you towards more sales
  • Thinking about your firm from your clients’ perspective
  • Tackling the strategic marketing enigma with ease (putting it off NOW will only make it harder further down the line)

Follow and implement Propero’s 90-day marketing plan and by the end, you will have ELIMINATED much of the frustration thinking up new ways to market your firm, ENJOYED expanding your knowledge and completing tasks without it seeming a chore, and EVALUATED each method and chosen those that will work best for YOU.

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