Should you hire an in-house marketer, or outsource your firm’s marketing responsibility to an agency?

The answer, unfortunately, isn’t as simple as A or B. Both options provide your company with advantages and disadvantages. However, weighing them up can help draw out a conclusion that best fits your firm.

Consider these points to determine which marketing approach is best suited for your firm…

Individual knowledge

When you hire an individual for in-house marketing, they’re likely to specialise in or favour one area of marketing. For example, if AdWords is a primary focus for your firm, you may hire someone who specialises in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

However, what if AdWords doesn’t work out as well for you as you thought it might? Then you have an employee who’s main skill is redundant to the company.

Agencies, on the other hand, give additional value for money. This is because they often have numerous employees specialising in a variety of areas. So, if AdWords doesn’t have the desired effect on your firm, you can easily try something else because you’ll have access to a range of skilled marketers.

Industry insight

An in-house marketing department will have one goal in mind – supporting your firm. They’ll only be working towards your goals and they’ll be spending their entire time working towards improving ROI and building a client list for you.

However, with just one client on their mind (you), their exposure to industry insights and trends diminishes. This means that their understanding and breadth of knowledge on the competition stops at what’s available on the internet, which for most accountancies is not a lot of information.

Agencies however have to spread themselves over a multitude of different clients, jumping from brand to brand. Their understanding of your specific firm may be less in-depth, but they’re more informed when it comes to what marketing trends and tools are available to grow your firm’s brand.

Taking into account the combined years of experience and exposure, agencies are able to use their understanding of the industry — learned from a variety of different clients — to put into action the best strategies for your firm.

Bigger ideas

An in-house team’s main focus is on the everyday necessities; updating social media, contacting leads, fixing or updating things on the website, etc. Those things are all vital to maintaining a smooth running machine, however it leaves little space, or time, for the bigger ideas.

In-house marketers can often become so swamped in the mundane and maintenance areas of their job, that when it comes to starting a new campaign, or rebranding the site, they simply don’t have the time.

That’s when agencies come in. Even if you have an in-house team, having an external opinion helps your firm look ‘outside the box’. They bring with them new ideas on how to build the firm and optimise the marketing; they bring in the ‘big ideas’.

Hiring an in-house employee offers your firm someone to focus solely on your brand. They learn it and become accustomed to what works and what doesn’t. They offer a knowledge of the brand that some agencies may not be able to.

Agencies allow you to focus on the job at hand while they attack the big picture, offering the skill and knowledge of many experts for the price of one. Working with an agency means you get access to a steady flow of ideas and a team of people who can get the results you’re looking for.

Accountancies are growing in quantity, so staying ahead of the ever-increasing competition is becoming much harder to do. Marketing, regardless of if you use an in-house team or an agency, offers a chance to beat the competition whilst promoting your firms’ strengths. Check out our guide to help build influence in the industry, and begin building authority over the competitors today! Get in touch, a member of our senior team will be happy to chat.

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