Marketing objectives are the difference between marketing that works and marketing that doesn’t.

The main reason financial services firms fall into a cycle of ‘random acts of marketing‘ is because they lack objectives. Foregoing marketing objective-setting isn’t uncommon, especially as it’s associated with lengthy processes and paperwork that takes time and is forgotten about soon after.

Propero specialises in designing and implementing marketing practises that actually work for small to medium-sized financial services firms—we don’t do anything for the sake of it, including setting marketing objectives.

Everything we recommend and implement on behalf of our clients has gone through a rigorous cost-benefit analysis, leaving only the most valuable initiatives at the end of it.

Marketing objectives are one of them.

In this blog, I give you the 3 marketing objectives that will help you to meet your financial services firm’s growth objectives in 2018.


1. Marketing Objective #1 Build credibility

Building credibility should be a key marketing objective. Prospects are looking for EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE to help them solve a business problem, which means you need to convince them that your firm is an expert in its field. 

High visibility of your brand increases credibility and customers will be more willing to retain your product/services. (Source: Huffpost)

Ways of demonstrating your experience and knowledge are:

  • Publishing case studies on services you’ve provided to firms similar to your target audience’s
  • Featuring testimonials on your marketing materials/website (read more about the psychology behind social proof)
  • Writing articles or blogs which demonstrate your firm’s knowledge and stance on prominent topics in your target audience’s industry
  • Speaking at, and sponsoring, industry events

2. Marketing Objective #2 Become a brand

It’s what sets Apple apart from other technology companies, Deloitte from the auditing service provider around the corner and the presentable intern from the scruffy one. Through branding, your firm is sending messages to its audience, before even saying anything.

Consistent branding reflects positively on your firm, it fosters trust with those who see it. By being consistent, your audience will come to know what to expect from your firm and its services, and when you deliver on those promises, you will automatically be building a relationship they feel they can trust and rely on.

Everything produced by your firm, whether its printed, digital, audio recorded or spoken live, ensure you’re keeping it consistent with the brand and message you wish to tell your potential future clients.

After all, decision makers within firms want to be associated with brands that reflect their firm and its values—so demonstrate (rather than tell) how your vision fits with theirs.

3. Marketing Objective #3 Implement a self-managing client attraction process

If growth is one of your key business objectives of 2018, a way of generating leads each month, every month, should be one of your primary marketing objectives.

At Propero, we implement a version of our 3-step client attraction process every day, for our clients.

It consists of this:

  1. Promoting quality content that will ATTRACT a specific target audience.
  2. Creating automated follow-up sequences, which RESPOND with instant and ongoing personalised content, whenever a prospect indicates interest.
  3. Pre-qualifying leads to help us CONVERT those that meet our clients’ criteria and have been pre-sold on their services.

It’s how we secure new clients for ourselves and also for our clients—if you’d like to know more about it, you can download the Self-managing Client Attraction process guide here.


The team and I at Propero specialise in creating and implementing marketing strategies that focus on business growth and fit with the marketing objectives we set with our clients.

We work with clients either on a consulting basis—advising the marketing teams they already have—or as their outsourced marketing department. Either way, our mission is simple: To restore the faith professional services firms have lost in marketing agencies, by actually delivering on our promises of real results.

Which means…only promising to deliver marketing initiatives that we know work.

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