Getting caught up in marketing trends is all too easy, especially with the flood of mixed messages designed to confuse the B2B decision maker. By avoiding these 10 common digital marketing mistakes, you will learn how to attract clients to a law firm.

A version of this piece was first published in New Law Journal

  1. Marketing Mistake #1: Neglecting databases

To prevent potential business from falling through the cracks, legal firms should be taking advantage of email marketing and automated email sequences to ensure prospects receive frequent updates on new content – keeping their firm at the forefront of potential clients’ minds.

To see how data processing will change when GDPR comes into effect, consult our blog: The impact of GDPR on B2B marketing in the UK and worldwide.

  1. Marketing Mistake #2: Ineffective websites

Even the most beautiful website is near-on useless if it doesn’t attract any meaningful traffic AND encourage visitors to get in touch. Fancy web functions should come second to search engine and mobile optimisation, and all pages should house a clear call to action. A firm’s website shouldn’t be a reflection of what it wants to sell (or worse, its internal structure) but a way of educating potential clients on the solutions that working with their firm offers. 

  1. Marketing Mistake #3: Underestimating social platforms

96% of law firms have at least one social media profile (Propero Partners’ State of Digital Marketing in Professional Services report, 2017), however, most aren’t leveraging the audiences they have. Potential legal clients are spending an average of 16 minutes per hour on various social platforms (Source: Capterra, 2017), so social media reactivity will only get firms so far—firms need to be proactive. To get in front of the right clients, firms need to proactively interact with interested audiences and send them to valuable branded content on their website.

  1. Marketing Mistake #4: Outdated web content

Your website isn’t adding value to your business if, like 65% of other firms, it hasn’t been updated in the last three years (Source: LawWare, 2016). Rather than filling web pages with vague information that doesn’t change from one year to the next, legal firms should be refreshing their website content regularly to reflect the needs of a changing industry.

  1. Marketing Mistake #5: Talking generally to audiences…

If you’re wondering how to attract clients to a law firm, the first question to ask yourself is “what language am I using when I talk to my prospective clients.” Rather than blanket marketing to anyone that will listen, legal firms should instead be trying to enter the conversations in their ideal clients’ minds. By truly understanding potential clients’ thought processes and the reasons behind their decision making, firms are able to properly utilise targeting to attract the people who are in need of the services they offer.

  1. …Marketing Mistake #6: And lacking variety in strategy

76% of buyers use three or more marketing channels when making a purchasing decision (Source: Blue Nile Research, 2015). In a market where people expect to consume content when and wherever they choose, leveraging multiple channels is crucial. Legal firms need to cast a wider net over their specific target audience to give themselves the best chance of reaching and resonating with the right prospects at the right time.

  1. Marketing Mistake #7: Not tracking success (& failures)

When it comes to digital marketing, legal firms often fall into the trap of only tracking results at the end of a campaign. This means whole campaigns risk being written off as failures once it’s too late to make adjustments. By tracking success and failures, firm’s marketing spend can be reshuffled on an ongoing basis, according to where the return on investment is highest.

Want to know the most important data analytics to keep tabs on? We’ve got a blog for that: Top 3 Marketing Analytics For Professional Services Firms.

  1. Marketing Mistake #8: No conversion strategy

Behind every digital marketing initiative, there should be a focus on the end goal—to convert leads into paying clients. Having a solid process in place to attract, nurture and convert enquiries into clients will ensure a firm’s end goal is met and that its marketing strategy fits within its business strategy.

Q: How to attract clients to a law firm. A: The Client Attraction Process. Download the guide to put it into practise at your firm.

  1. Marketing Mistake #9: Little or no marketing budget

Foregoing a dedicated marketing budget and relying on over-capacitated internal resources is risky. There’s one of two outcomes: a feast and famine cycle of business growth or money spent with little to no return. But, rather than picking a marketing budget from the sky, reverse engineer and decide what you’re looking to achieve, assigning a realistic value to reach—this is how to attract clients to a law firm.

  1. Marketing Mistake #10: Relying on random acts of marketing

Most of all, legal firms should stop expecting random acts of marketing to generate consistent results and instead devise tailored, long-term marketing strategies that will. Firms doing this are the ones reaping the sweetest reward: measurable results and high growth.


All of these marketing mistakes can be solved by implementing our 3 step Client Attraction Process. We give it to clients and prospects for free because when done well, it works. However, if your firm doesn’t have the resources or time to implement it in an effective way, we are here to help—give Kelly a call (+44 20 3369 6844) or email at

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