The move towards a technological future brings with it uncertainty, constant change, and an unavoidable gap in skills as law firms become more technologically-enabled…”

On the 25th September, Propero’s CEO Jonathan Phillips, will be taking the stage to deliver a keynote on a recently coined idea: Hybrid intelligence.

He will discuss how this concept can enable your law firm to improve its brand, make more of its business development strategies and keep the clients that it has worked so hard to get without the need to buy into the hype of artificial intelligence or advanced legal tech.

The idea that your firm can leverage technology while sticking to its traditional roots is one that Propero believes could change the industry and improve your firm’s bottom line.

By working alongside technology, lawyers can do what they are best at…

Advising on the best course of action.


Everyone at the moment is talking about the future of strategy, and how to use technology within your firm with lofty ideas and insights into emerging tech, and A.I. But the fact is, a big change is coming, and nothing will stop this shift in mindset to a more mechanised way of doing things for law firms.

Think about it like this—on the whole, we embrace and adopt new technology quickly and almost without question. An upgrade on your phone, for example, is not given a second thought, and some people even queue in the rain for hours just to get the latest devices.

It seems that technology is the new currency in the age of automation, social media, smart phones and the internet of things—we are connected in a way never like before.



So what does this mean for law firms?

In the keynote, Jonathan will explain how to make the most of your existing technology by using it strategically and how it can help your firm connect to new clients in a personal way, with well-crafted and tactical messaging.

How you can utilise data-led content to captivate your audience, be they prospective clients or existing ones, and how to portray formally intangible concepts — such as reliability, consistency, even trust — as the bedrock of your firm in the digital world, rather than relying on word of mouth reviews and referrals.

But I don’t want to give the game away, so see you at the BLS.

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