If we asked what your law firm’s social media strategy was, would you be able to tell us without hesitation?

While 80% of B2B marketers claim they use a social media strategy, only 32% have a clearly documented, thought-out process (Source: Weidert Group, 2017). This shows that while firms do use social media in their marketing plan, the majority don’t have a clearly defined strategy. Random acts of social media marketing always result in disjointed and poorly timed actions that won’t resonate with your target audience.

According to our 2018 State of Digital Marketing in the Professional Services Industry report, nearly double the percentage of firms use paid social media advertising compared to 2017. It’s evident that while firms do recognise the need for social media, and are adopting it, clearly defined strategies that will produce results haven’t been adopted as easily.

One of our senior team was recently asked four questions about social media strategy by a US-based agency, and her answers are below:



1) How much time should be spent on social media in order to make a positive impact?


Unfortunately, there isn’t a set amount of time. However, when it comes to how we run our social media, we have a two pronged approach.

We use the social media scheduling tool, MeetEdgar, to post our evergreen content (evergreen content is content that is always relevant). This is a time saver as it means we can schedule content such as blogs, service offerings and resources which are recycled. Every couple of months, we refresh the content that’s in the content ‘bank’ alongside the copy/imagery that accompanies the posts.

On top of this, we also post a relevant news item each day. This is typically something that would be interesting to our target industry (not related to our service offering). These posts usually do well as they’re timely, relevant, and demonstrate that the we’re listening to what’s going on in our clients’ worlds.


2) What kind of success have you seen with social media strategy for different types of firms?


We don’t have many clients that have organic social media management in their contract as we’re known for our strategic client generation packages, but for the ones that do, we’ve seen increased follower counts (232%+), improved engagement rates (+29%), witnessed better weekly average link clicks (+22%), and had a higher quality traffic to their profiles (closer to their target audience’s age category, interests, location).


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3) Should some firms have more of a social media presence than others?


If you have a lot of content or discussion points, this lends itself to a much more active social presence—which is why B2C profiles are typically updated so often and B2B profiles aren’t.

If you have very little content and a service offering that is specific, it limits what you can talk about. Don’t post for the sake of it or promote the same content 100 times just because you know you should be posting regularly—people will get bored of seeing the same stuff on your feed, and this can cause some platforms to penalise you for low engagement rates.

While regular activity is essential to show that you’re an active business, this can be done in as little as a couple of posts a week.

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4) What should your KPIs be?


Your social media strategy KPIs will depend primarily on two key factors:

  1. The results you expect to see
  2. How much time you are able to spend on it

Always start by establishing the objective of your social media activity—or the ‘why you’re doing it’. Some examples are:

  • Maintaining online presence
  • Increasing follower count
  • Improving engagement rates
  • Improving the quality of content on the firm’s timeline
  • Getting more traffic on your profile
  • Making the company’s whole social media experience more consistent

Depending on what you want to achieve, and taking into account how much time and resources you’re able to invest to meet your objectives, you can set KPIs which will help you achieve them. For example the corresponding KPIs to the objectives above could be:

  • A minimum of six posts per week
  • Doubling the number of followers in X months
  • An increase in ‘retweets’ and replies on Twitter compared to last year
  • Increasing the amount of branded content and reducing external resources
  • Increased profile visits compared to last year
  • A more consistent look and feel for posts


Take aways…


With 90% of all marketers indicating that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses, it’s clear that incorporating a clearly defined social media strategy into your law firm’s marketing plan is key to preventing a free/relatively cheap resource from going to waste (Source: Hubspot, 2018).

But rather than letting social media management become the niggling task you know you need to do but just can’t bring yourself to, let us help.

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