Earlier this year, Propero launched the UK industry report: The State of Digital Marketing in Professional Services. In this report, 370 senior decision-makers were surveyed from professional services industries to gain a greater understanding for how they generate new business and approach their referrals.

The report shows that on the whole, the professional services industry sees the value in digital marketing, with 3 out of every 4 respondents claiming they believe digital marketing is either effective or highly effective in their industry. An even higher percentage (84%) understand that professional services firms more generally, need to be proactive with digital marketing in 2017, to get ahead of their competitors.

While the industry as a whole is embracing the digital evolution, findings reveal that some sectors have a better understanding of the benefits of using digital techniques, than others. Respondents from legal firms showed the most positive attitude toward digital marketing with 84% (9% above the professional services average) rating digital marketing effective or highly effective in their industry. 96% of law firms also said that digital marketing needs to be a primary focus for ALL professional services firms if they’re to get ahead, which means failure to act now will make it harder to differentiate in the future.

Statistics show that firms in finance are the most resistant to embracing the digital direction, with 31% of respondents from accounting and financial services claiming that digital marketing is either not effective or of below average effectiveness in their industry. Close behind them is management consultancies, with 30% not seeing the effectiveness of digital marketing, and not rating it as an effective method to grow.

However, despite these negative perceptions, the majority of respondents from each sector understand that adapting to digital is necessary when it comes to keeping up with the competitiveness of today’s market place. 96% of law firms, 88% of finance firms, 84% of management consultancies and 82% of I.T. consultancies believe that their industries need to be using digital marketing proactively.

The results show that despite discrepancies over digital effectiveness, professional services firms understand the need to keep up with trends if they’re to survive and thrive in this digital evolution. Over half of the world’s population is browsing the internet and almost as many are using their mobile phone to do it. If resistant firms continue to push back, they’ll only fall further and further behind their competitors. The wealth of options made possible by digital marketing enables professional services firms to cut through the noise of their marketplace, to focus spend on reaching target audiences that are actively looking for the services these firms are offering.

If you, like the majority of professionals surveyed, see the value in digital marketing, but struggle to implement a strategic digital marketing plan to achieve your growth goals, get in touch. Our digital account manager Kelly is available to speak either on the phone or via email. Alternatively, take a look at our report The State of Digital Marketing in Professional Services and find out what your industry is doing to embrace the new digital direction.

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