Have you got a social media plan?

Back in June, we launched our 2017 report: The State of Digital Marketing in Professional Services. We surveyed over 370 senior decision-makers from professional services industries to better understand their approach to generating new business enquiries and referrals.

In the report we extracted information and drew conclusions on how these firms are utilising all areas of marketing, from email marketing, social media, marketing budgets, lead generation and so on…

In this blog, I’ll touch on some of our most striking findings – discussing how active the typically traditional industries, such as your own, are on social media, why it’s imperative to embrace it and formulate a social media plan

What do our findings show?

The vast majority of respondents from our research said they were active on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook in both personal and professional capacities.

82% of firms have a LinkedIn business profile, 64% use Twitter for their firm, and 55% have a business page on Facebook. This is compared with 85% of respondents who have a personal LinkedIn account, 62% who are personally on Twitter, and 72% who are on Facebook.

Most notably, the legal industry has the greatest percentage of active business profiles across the board, with 90% present on LinkedIn, 84% present on Twitter, and 67% present on Facebook. Compared to firms in other industries, accounting firms are present on LinkedIn the least (76%), management consultancy firms are present on Facebook the least (38%), and financial services and accounting firms are least present on Twitter (51%).

These statistics prove that firms and industry professionals are active on social media. These online platforms, when leveraged correctly, give firms greater access to key decision-makers and influencers in professional industries and traditional sectors. It means that they can get their firm and services in front of the right people, at the time they’re most active, using a method that they respond best to.

Given the level of information that social media profiles display (depending on the user’s privacy settings), firms can tailor their message to suit the interests, demographics, etc. of their target audience. They can even determine the kind of content their ideal clients engage with, in order to craft a custom message that’s likely to land with them.

Here’s the key take-away: the belief that professionals and firms in traditional industries aren’t active on social media, is a myth. While certain sectors ARE more progressive, e.g. legal, you can still use a social media plan to reach those that are less so (accountants and management consultants), as these professionals are more active in a personal capacity.

Furthermore, competing firms in professional services are actively engaging in conversations on social media with right-fit clients. The firms that are failing to get on board with a social media plan are effectively lining the pockets of their competitors.

To avoid falling behind your competitors and become more visible and attractive to your target audience, get online. Social media is at the forefront of the digital takeover, and without it, you’re hindering your firm’s chances of success.

Have you tried and failed to use social media to grow your firm’s online visibility? To be successful, you need a social media plan, an understanding of your target audience and the right expertise to use that information to your advantage. Get in touch with cara.evans@www.properopartners.com to learn more about how Propero can help you get the most out of social media.

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