84% of senior professionals believe that professional services firms need to embrace a proactive digital marketing strategy in order to get ahead (Propero Partners’ The State of Digital Marketing in Professional Services Report, 2017).

But it’s not always clear what these ‘digital marketing strategies’ should encompass.

While the most successful digital strategies take a serious investment of time, these are the very basic fundamentals of every successful digital marketing strategy we create for our clients;

  • Understand your target audience – To target high quality leads, create a client profile, outlining which digital, social channels and online resources they are interested in. Next, map out several potential user journeys, to help understand how your ideal clients arrive at, and navigate, your website. Mapping out customer journeys is a great way to understand and tailor each touch point and landing page to attract a higher number of quality enquiries.
  • Know your digital competitors – Who are your competitors? Are they successfully reaching their target clients? Keep an eye on their marketing efforts and leverage that insight to learn from their triumphs or mistakes.
  • Allocate a sufficient budget to reach your audience – 41% of professional services firms don’t allocate an annual marketing budget, and 72% of those firms received only 0 to 5 enquiries per month (Propero Partners’ The State of Digital Marketing in Professional Services Report, 2017). These numbers alone indicate that an upfront investment pays off when it comes to generating a healthy project pipeline. There is a strong positive correlation between investing in a firms digital presence and the number of enquiries that firm receives per month. In a world where people are able to browse websites 24/7, you are missing out on a significant number of clients if you don’t invest in your digital presence.
  • Use a wide range of digital marketing tactics to bring in more enquiries – Firms averaging 4 different marketing techniques bring in over 20 qualified leads per month. On the other end of the spectrum, those firms who average just under 2 marketing tactics bring in between 0 to 5 qualified leads per month. These figures speak for themselves – doing more means getting more! To reap the rewards of client generation, implement a strategic balance of techniques such as blogging, social media advertising, content marketing and email marketing, to reach your ideal clients in the way they best respond to.
  • Make sure your website gives you an edge – Having a website correlates with bringing in more enquiries – it’s ultimately your digital shopfront. If you don’t have an effective website, or you have no website at all, prospective clients will register their interest somewhere else. To remain competitive in your market, ensure your website is modern, relevant and easy to navigate.
  • Make use of social media  – Professionals in your target market are active across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. In fact, our latest report revealed that 85% of professionals had a personal LinkedIn account, 62% were on Twitter, and 72% on Facebook. Make sure you utilise these social platforms. Repurpose thought leadership content for social blogs, target your content to segmented audiences through social media advertising, post commentary in relevant industry groups and always be proactive.
  • Gate your content and reap the benefits – Content marketing plays a crucial role in the lead generating process of successful, high-growth professional service firms. Rather than giving your content away for free, offer it in exchange for information. Include a data capture form on your content download page, request the contact information you’re after; name, job title, email address etc. before the content is made available. They’ll receive resources and you’ll receive a potential new business lead.

Are you ‘stuck’ with an unsuccessful digital marketing strategy that’s not generating any tangible results? To get ahead, you need an understanding of your target audience, a wide range of digital marketing tactics, and the expertise to use different platforms to your advantage.

Get in touch with kelly.oconnor@www.properopartners.com to learn more about how Propero Partners can help you develop a digital marketing strategy guaranteed to get you ahead.

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