How often do you ask yourself…

“As a business, what are we doing to keep up with the times?”

Things change, and in business they change quickly. Keeping up to speed and maintaining a current and up-to-date online presence is vital, if you want to achieve success in the form of high growth.

To keep up with the rapid changes, firms need to be more agile than ever. Taking your foot off the pedal, when it comes to driving your firm forward, will make it much harder to keep up in the long term.

So, what steps can you take to avoid this happening, read on to hear our marketing tips on how to keep up with the times?

Start by embracing the online world.

According to a 2017 research report, 84% of senior decision makers from some of the top firms in the professional services sector  believe that firms need to embrace digital marketing strategies in order to get ahead (Source: The State of Digital Marketing in Professional Services Report).

Your website and social platforms (like LinkedIn, Facebook…) are constantly on public display. Which means they’re constantly subject to scrutiny and they leave nowhere to hide. If there’s anything outdated or incorrect on what’s now considered your “digital shopfront”, you immediately run the risk of seeming old-fashioned and stale.

Top Marketing Tips: Users won’t spend much time making a decision on whether to keep reading, so the top of your website and social pages are the most important–make sure you have engaging content on display in those areas.

To avoid ‘going stale’, use social media to see what’s trending in your industry and what receives the best responses and react accordingly. By regularly updating your social platforms and website with recent articles, blogs and news about your firm you’re demonstrating knowledge, presence and opinion–things that will help attract right-fit clients.

Since most of what’s online is public, keep an eye on what your competitors are doing–via social media. Learn from their mistakes and successes and use that knowledge to change your content accordingly.

Top Marketing Tips: By responding quickly and methodically to what you’ve learnt through social listening, you’ll start to see an increase in interaction and engagement across all platforms.

Which leads onto the second point….

Understand what your audience needs.

One great way of ensuring your entire team is targeting the right audience is to create an Avatar. An Avatar is an embodiment of your typical client, it pinpoints their likes, habits, needs, geography, etc.

By having a clear idea of the type of person you’re targeting, it ensures your campaigns are more specific and focused on attracting the right audience.

Top Marketing Tips: Your Avatar will change frequently, and where a lot of firms fall, is forgetting or not bothering to look at their target audiences’ habits frequently, assuming they won’t have changed.

So, in order to make sure you’re targeting the right people and/or companies, consider having bi-annual Avatar meetings. Use those meetings to discuss who you’re targeting and what they might need, want and expect from your firm.

What can you offer them that’s both unique and useful to them at that time?

Top Marketing Tips: You’ll know when the ‘right time’ is to offer specific services, from social listening.

Start to implement these two simple changes and you’ll quickly see an increase in lead generation and digital engagement.

If you’re ensure who you should be targeting, or your current target audience isn’t generating the right results, and want to know how to identify your right-fit clients… send us an email. A member of our senior team will be happy to discuss a digital marketing strategy that will help you implement a strategy that includes the devices mentioned in this blog.

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