Writing is hard. Especially writing that resonates with a specific audience. It takes time and dedication and that’s a big reason a lot of companies get it wrong.

When you think about how many sites you visit in a day, cutting through the noise to make your writing stand out is difficult. However, there are a few tricks that, when executed well, mean your writing creates more engagement—business enquiries, newsletter signups, and increased content downloads.


Top five tips copywriting for professional services

Humans don’t respond to logic the way you expect. In fact, if you’re trying to elicit a response, appealing to logic is less successful than appealing to emotion. By writing to your audience’s emotional side, your message can push the right buttons and be truly effective.

There are plenty of ways to do this, but we’ll give you our top five…


1. Write to ‘YOU’

Always address the reader as an individual, and as a human.

When you speak directly to a decision maker through the use of ‘you’ and ‘your’, despite writing for a B2B audience, you imply a personal relationship. So create an ‘ideal client persona’ for each of the targets. Take these two examples:

  • The Director of Marketing at a fast-growing, medium to large media and entertainment company. Currently selling through third party retailers, but are looking for insight into their customer base.
  • The founder of a new-to-market startup with 10 employees, looking to sell or merge with a big-name fintech brand.

Whoever your ideal prospective client might be, address that person, and write your copy as though they’re the only person you have in mind.



2. Explain the obvious

When writing for professional services firms, you may feel the need to overcomplicate and overcompensate—but you shouldn’t. Using industry ‘jargon’ doesn’t make your firm sound more intelligent, it suggests superiority.

Instead, explain the problem in concise and direct language, and then offer the solution. Demonstrate your understanding of the subject and encourage the reader to trust and believe in the services your firm offers.


3. Be empathetic

Decision makers are far more likely to buy from likeminded professionals—people they believe are similar to them. This is the reason it’s important to understand what your prospects are looking for and the motivation behind their search.

To get to the root cause, you need to keep asking questions, such as why do they want to attract more customers? Why do they want business growth? Why do they want a greater market share?

Once you know this, tailor your copy to their needs.


4. Write how you speak

Engage readers by writing as simply as you speak. Really long, convoluted sentences and fancy words don’t impress, and are more likely to put readers off your writing.

  • Sentences that are longer than 30 words should be avoided
  • Ensure a natural flow to your sentences
  • Use a mix of short and longer sentence structures
  • Keep paragraphs to a four sentence maximum
  • Highlight key takeaways using accents such as italics, headings and bullet points



5. Make the ‘next step’ clear

If your reader makes it all the way to the end and doesn’t have a clear ‘next step’, you shouldn’t have bothered writing it.

The single most common mistake when writing copy is assuming that the ‘next step’ is obvious when it isn’t clearly signposted. You must have a clear and direct call to action (CTA) instructing the reader on what to do after reading your content. Without one, they might leave your site, regardless of how interested they were. CTAs encourage further interaction and maintain a connection with the potential future client.


The next step…

By using these five tips, your marketing messages will trigger engagement in the reader, and you’ll see an uptick in new business enquiries. But if you’re worried that you don’t have the skills or resources in-house to craft engaging marketing copy, get in touch.

Our team is experienced in copywriting for SEO and advertising within professional services. Together, with a knowledge of your firm’s target audience, we’ll transform your current content to provide regular new business enquiries.


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