Making sure your website is at its best can be a challenge. In order to stay ahead of the game —and the competition — you need to make sure you’re ticking all of the right ‘boxes’. 

To help save you some time, we have compiled a checklist you can refer to that lists all of the parts of your website your firm should be working on and maintaining regularly. With the help of our list, you can rest assured knowing that you are on top of the right things to help get your firm noticed.

Top-Tip: every page of your website plays a significant role in promoting and selling your services –  don’t favour one over the other too much.

The Ultimate Checklist:

How does your website measure up visually?

    • Are there images?
    • Do all of the fonts match?
    • Is there a colour scheme?
    • Does the content flow?
    • Are the fonts easy to read?

Does your website inform and assist the reader?

    • Are you teaching them about what you offer?
    • Do you talk about your process?
    • Are there clear calls to action?
    • Are there a variety of calls to action? (email sign up, consultation request, downloads etc.)

Is your content compelling and to the point?

    • Does the content adequately sell your service?
    • Is the content interesting to your target audience?
    • Do you avoid ‘waffle’ on your site?
    • Does every word earn its place?

How easy is it to find your firm online?

    • How does your website rank on popular search engines (like Google)?
    • Is your website search engine optimised?
    • Does your website leverage specific keywords on each page, which correspond to the services you offer?
    • Does your firm write fresh content regularly and feature it on the website (a blog)?
    • Do you have an active presence on the social platforms your prospects are on? Are these platforms linked to your website?

How can a reader contact you if they are interested in finding out more about your services?

    • Do you have a contact page?
    • Is all of your contact information (telephone number, email and address) clearly displayed throughout your website?
    • Do you detail what will happen once the prospect has been in touch?

After checking your marketing efforts against those in this list and making any necessary amendments, you should start to see an increase in both visits to your website and enquiries to your services. When you target your website to the right audience, and make their journey easier and more enjoyable, you are working to improve your enquiry-to-sale conversion rate.

If you’d like to know more about the strategies mentioned in the checklist, or you want to find out more on how best to optimise your firm’s website, check out our Marketing Foundation service.  Alternatively, get in touch with Jessica at Propero on 020 3369 6844 – she’ll be more than happy to discuss your firm’s specific needs and how we can help you.

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