Going beyond basic accountancy services

Traditionally, businesses looked for an accountant that they could trust, who got the job done well and would adjust their packages as budgets permitted. They could set the price and deliver services as it suited them with little opposition.

Today, the small business accountancy market is more competitive than ever and with greater choice for those shopping around, firms must be prepared to bargain with prospects or offer something more to secure a sale over their competitors.

If your accountancy firm is well established, then you’ve experienced this buyer’s market firsthand.

The reality is if you continue to offer just basic accounting services, the stronger players in your industry will beat you to the punch every time.

So rather than undercut yourself, let’s talk about that ‘something more’…

What clients are really looking for is value for money. This is nothing new. The difference is if you’re not providing them with it, they can simply switch to someone who will. Ready-to-buy prospects especially look for those value added perks before they settle on a provider and you need to be aware that though you’ve met them in person and had your first consultation that doesn’t mean they’re an in-the-bag client.

With so many options, buyers have the luxury of taking their time and meeting with lots of different accountants to compare pros and cons on each before making a decision. So, how can provide them with value without making too much of a dent in your bottom line? Well, first there is an important point to remember about value…

It doesn’t have to mean giving away more for less.

You don’t have to break the bank, but focus on the little things – going above what’s expected and helping your clients in small, personable ways.

At Propero, we call them quick wins and they range from offering your client a coffee when they come into the office, to lending an ear to a problem they’re having that’s distinct from the services they’ve contracted you to provide. Showing that you’re willing to put yourself out to help them adds greater value to the work you do in your client’s mind and cements their need for your services.

For your business, that could mean sharing your experience of clients that have been in a similar situation to them. Without divulging sensitive information, you can offer some general advice to help them navigate an issue they’ve encountered or share your knowledge of tax breaks or schemes that could help lighten their load.

When you demonstrate that you understand their business and that you have valuable experience of the industry they’re operating in, or you just offer a friendly word of encouragement, you go beyond simple bookkeeper and become an irreplaceable resource.

In summary, the accountancy market is packed with firms that all offer the same services but there are small differences that you can make to help you land more clients and gain greater control of your business.

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