Have you noticed a change in the amount of competition that surrounds your law firm? With more and more law firms establishing themselves, it’s become increasingly important to work harder at getting your name in front of clients.

You have to have something about your firm that stands out from the now crowd. But finding that THING can prove rather difficult.

Technology is something that the legal industry has ignored for a long time. But its increase in both popularity and convenience means that it is quickly becoming something sought out by clients. If your firm can embrace technology ahead of the competition, you’ll set yourself apart.

There are naturally some fears that accompany the introduction of technology into your company. For instance, something that is becoming a rather hot topic within the law industry, is the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many firms are concerned that AI will eventually take over the job responsibilities of junior lawyers, rendering their roles redundant.

But what if firms started to work WITH technology, instead of AGAINST it?

As noted in a recent article by the Financial Times, when a firm embraces technology, a wide variety of new roles become available such as “Head of Research & Development,” coders, and artificial intelligence experts. So, even though AI is looming over the legal industry as a seemingly negative addition, there are still a plethora of new opportunities on the horizon; Technology simply means opportunities are changing, not being lost.

It is hard to ignore the positive shift that technology is already having;

• Firms are able to market their company at a fraction of the price
• Firms can reach 10 x the amount of people than they used to
• Firms are able to represent themselves as modern, and,
• Firms are A LOT easier to find by the vast number of clients who search online

The fact is, if your practice isn’t actively participating online then you are missing out on clients. Your online presence is vital and is something that you can no longer ignore.

Due to the nature of the legal industry, legal practices must display authority and knowledge. If your firm has a weak website or online footprint, potential clients may find this off-putting, fearing that you’re not able to ‘keep up’. By embracing technology, you are exhibiting leadership and command of both the modern world and the traditional one you’re famous for.


With technology being a relatively new concept to most law firms, you have the chance to stand out from the mundane and the old-fashioned. Download our guide on “Building Authority in the Legal Industry to find out more about how to enter into the digital world.
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