Does your I.T. company use strategic marketing to boost its brand awareness? If not, it can be a little overwhelming if you’re venturing into marketing for the first time, as questions will inevitably arise. For example, do you have too little or too much budget? Do you have enough time to commit to a time- and resource-intensive marketing campaign?

According to Propero’s 2018 industry report, 33% of I.T. consultancy companies feel that digital marketing is not effective in their industry and continue to believe that marketing might not help them attract new business. This often means that they grant a small budget for marketing and tend to rely on referrals and word of mouth in an increasingly digital age.

Then there are those companies which simply don’t want the pressure or hassle of maintaining their own marketing campaigns (even though they set aside budget to do so). This means that they’re missing out on the positive effects that digital marketing can produce.

These attitudes toward marketing can impact negatively on a business. According to our report, firms that allocate a budget are set to gain four times more enquiries than those that don’t. Therefore, forgoing marketing in an increasingly-competitive industry means you could be damaging your firm’s online presence. Research finds that marketing—even on a small budget—will create at least brand awareness, if not attract actual leads to your company.

Our pay-as-you-go packages were created to give businesses with a low marketing budget a foot in the door of digital marketing. They also work well for time-sensitive firms that don’t want to be tied into a long contract.



Propero can provide you with the perfect marketing package to increase brand awareness


Our pay-as-you-go packages will:

  • Generate leads which means putting an end to the feast-and-famine cycle of business growth
  • Increase revenue which means more money to put into your firm
  • Gain more website clicks which means increased opportunity for conversion
  • Improve SEO visibility which means clients can easily find your firm online
  • Improve brand awareness which means clients will know what your firm does
  • Enable your business to convert more leads to opportunities which means more business

Specifically, our packages will improve the following marketing challenges:


Social media presence

Having a presence on social media is no longer negotiable for firms worth their salt. When resources within firms are stretched, it’s not hard to imagine that they simply don’t have the time to spend on updating Twitter feeds, Facebook ads or planning LinkedIn posts. Why not let Propero’s team of experts do it for you?

We will take over your firm’s social media channels, post on your behalf—such as announcing new services and generally promoting the company, and everything in between—to keep you in the mind of your audience and gain new followers. We’ll design, manage, and track the performance of your ads and posts, so you can concentrate on generating new business.

Propero will also prepare monthly reports on social media activity to show where you are going right (and wrong!), what’s working well on each channel (and what’s not), and how it could improve your presence online and overall brand awareness. This is available on all the pay-as-you-go packages we offer, no strings attached.



SEO content

Search engine optimised content is key to getting your company seen on search engines such as Google. Old, irrelevant, and duplicated content will damage your ‘score’ and your firm might not feature on searches, which can be a death knoll for your online presence.

Every piece of content your company publishes, whether it is a blog post or video, should promote your company’s specific expertisein this case I.T. consulting. This content attracts potential clients to you, as it can make customers realise your firm is capable of delivering the goods. If your firm doesn’t have great content, then you are missing out and this is where we come in. 

Propero has a team of SEO-savvy copywriters and content producers waiting to research your company and industry, and create targeted content that’s tailored to your specific needs. Thought-provoking content demonstrates you are an industry authority, and not just an outlier waiting for clicks. This is available on package two and package three. 


Email marketing

Keep your company top-of-mind by writing and leveraging an email marketing campaign which speaks directly to your audience. You can create brand awareness, generate ‘warm leads’ so you can contact would-be clients directly, and build authority in your area.

Our email campaigns are based on an assessment of your firm’s needs, who you want to target and when, and is then sent to your existing database. We will also design the newsletter with specific branding and logos of your company.

A monthly email newsletter is only available on pay-as-you-go package three. If you choose to do so, we can also subscribe you to SharpSpring—a marketing automation platform that will track your emails and website visitors, then report back to you how the campaigns are engaged. 


What Propero pay-as-you-go packages will do for your I.T. firm:

When you opt for pay-as-you-go marketing with Propero, you’ll take advantage of our expert strategic marketing knowledge, get bespoke optimised content, and we’ll send you reports on how we are getting your company new business each month and achieving your objectives. 

We have several ways of making your company more visible without being charged for more cover than you actually need, and without having to sign a contract for a fully comprehensive marketing strategy that you don’t want. Our pay-as-you-go packages are the first step to getting your firm the visibility it deserves.

Propero also offers tailor-made services that will further meet your marketing demands, including client generation, branding, onsite marketing training and content services. We’re here to provide your firm with a comprehensive  and competitive marketing strategy you can trust.

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