Today is International Women’s Day 2017 – a day dedicated to celebrating the successes of women around the world.

Historically, women have been underrepresented in the legal sector, but now more is being done to attract them to the industry.

However encouraging diversity shouldn’t be done for diversity’s sake. Instead the aim should be to recruit the best talent, regardless of gender, ethnicity or social background, and thankfully we are seeing steps in this direction…

As a result, here are just some of the amazing women who’ve left their footprint on the legal industry:

  • Lady Hale, who was a prominent figure in the passing of the Family Law Act 1996, which changed the way we prosecute domestic violence cases
  • Ceri Goddard, who currently leads the fight in the battle for improved maternity rights and equal pay
  • Dame Linda Dobbs, the first black women to become a High Court judge, and,
  • Mary Warnock, an academic whose government reports lead to the legalisation of embryo research

By celebrating the achievements and journeys that women in legal have taken to make their names in the industry, we hope to inspire individuals of any demographic to consider a career in law.

So to mark International Women’s Day, Propero Partners spoke to two powerful women in the industry who have excelled in their fields despite the stereotypes that still exist, Laura Craig and Harriet Bowtell from legal giant, Slater & Gordon.

Laura Craig
Senior Associate, Slater & Gordon

Laura, now Senior Associate at Slater & Gordon, talks to Propero about her road to success, the future of the industry and the importance of treating everyone with respect. See full interview.

Harriet Bowtell
Principal Lawyer, Slater & Gordon

Harriet took a career break from representing businesses, to reconsider where her values and priorities lay. Now she’s Principal Lawyer at one of the top employment firms in the country, and hasn’t looked back since. See full interview.

While the number of women in the legal industry has grown, there’s still more to be done. Today it’s the responsibility of those in the profession to support campaigns like Be Bold For Change, which encourages individuals, businesses and whole industries to take action that truly drives great changes for women. 

Actively supporting these movements will help attract and build an even stronger legal force for the future, giving firms access to a wider talent pool with which to draw resources from.

If you’d like to hear more about the work we do with legal firms like yours, get in touch.

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