Fierce competition is making it increasingly difficult for small and medium-sized professional services firms to win new clients.

As more and more firms emerge, the traditional method of winning work through referrals is getting tougher – many businesses find themselves feasting on clients one month, then experiencing a famine the next.

While some firms can survive on referrals, if you want your business to thrive, relying on them alone simply isn’t going to cut it. It’s crucial that you implement a marketing strategy that proactively attracts new clients – but that’s just the first step.

Keeping client leads engaged is becoming more difficult

The digital age is changing the way clients choose which firms they want to work with. With information readily available at the click of a mouse, clients have become smarter shoppers.

94% of B2B buyers report that they conduct some form of online research before purchasing a business product. And most rely on multiple sources to make their decision, including; websites, Google searches, blogs, reviews, social media and third-party websites. [Source: Accenture’s State of B2B Procurement Study.]

So, even if you’ve attracted a client lead (someone who has shown interest in your goods or services), you still need to work at keeping them engaged. You don’t want to see fresh enquiries coming in one week, only to go silent the next because they’ve found a more attractive option.

So, how do you stop prospective clients from comparison shopping and move them closer to a sale, without annoying them? And, how do you reengage the goldmine of existing contacts you’re sitting on?

The key lies in implementing a marketing plan that has a strong attraction AND nurturing strategy.

Consistently communicating and providing relevant, ‘value-added’ content is key to a strong lead nurturing strategy. And this doesn’t have to be as time consuming as you think – check out our blog on email automation that feels personal.

Developing and implementing these strategies for your business is no easy feat on your own. But with knowledge, resource and commitment, you’ll be able to achieve results that enable your firm to thrive.

That’s why Propero Partners is expanding its popular London breakfast event this June, offering it as a new half-day workshop, ‘Making The Phone Ring’, in three cities across the UK; Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

The workshops will cover how to develop a marketing client attraction and nurturing plan, tailored to your business. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn the marketing methods that enable high-performance firms to get ahead and break the feast and famine cycle at their firms. Buy an Early Bird ticket before Fri 26 May for just £29.99.

If you’re not based in or near these cities, don’t worry! Get in touch and a member of the Propero team will be happy to discuss your client generation needs, or sign-up for updates on future Propero events around the country.

Making The Phone Ring Marketing Workshop
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