The Secret Behind Google’s First Page

by | Apr 22, 2016

The Secret Behind Googles First Page


Many law firms worry about their Google ranking “What page are we on?” “How can we move up?” “Do we have the budget for this?”. Sound familiar?

Of course, being found online and being found before your competition is good for:

  • Generating client enquiries
  • Strengthening your reputation
  • Growing your firm etc.

But the way in which people now use the internet has changed. And you have to adapt.

Stop thinking of the internet as a digital yellow pages (where people type in their search and call the first number they see). Instead, view it as a research tool. Your potential clients spend hours visiting yours and your competitors’ websites before even thinking of sending you an email or picking up the phone.

So yes – being found first is important…

But what they find is even more so.

Don’t focus on your google ranking. Instead, think about what people actually see when they visit your website. Whether you’re a marketing professional or not, you know that the focus of your website should be conveying the trust and expertise you bring to your clients.

Think about your firm’s website –

  • Does it convey your expertise and trust?
  • If so where and how?
  • Could it be strengthened?

Once you stop seeing Google rankings as a silver bullet fix for bringing in new enquiries, you can start looking at real ways in which you can gain new clients and grow.

Without going into the technicalities –

Google had a big shakeup a few years ago meaning a lot of the hacks, cheats and tricks people used to use have lost their value. Which means, people have to start producing valuable and original content online to get noticed.

And this is where you can leap ahead of your competition….

The secret behind Google?

Become a thought leader.

“A what?” you might be asking. A thought leader – someone who’s seen as a leader in their industry with the go-to expertise sought after by their clients and peers. They’re looked to as a source of knowledge and inspiration and are trusted for their advice. They’re exactly what an accountant aspires to be with their client – only they stand out as a leader in their niche. 

Here’s what this would look like in practice:

1. Does your firm have a blog/article section online? Start contributing to it with insightful and value-driven pieces you know your audience and peers will benefit from (i.e. avoid the standard “How to X” piece, the more original the better). The more valuable your work is, the more this will be discussed, shared and commented on online. And the more your write, the more you’ll establish your position as a thought leader.

2. Do you have a professional Twitter or LinkedIn account? Use this to connect and engage with your audience. This gives you direct access to potential clients in a sphere where they’re likely to reach out to you and respond.

3. Contribute to journals, magazines, articles etc. Remember, your opinion, insight and commentary are valuable. Look for opportunities to highlight your own expertise alongside other reputable professionals in your industry.

4. Do you speak at events? Public speaking is a great way of establishing that initial connection and building trust with potential clients. Next time you speak at an event, record it and share your talk online. Video is becoming one of the most popular pieces of online content and is a great way of allowing clients to build a sense of familiarity with you.

All of the above will help to cement your position as a thought leader in your niche.

Resulting in…

  • More client enquiries
  • Stronger reputation for yourself (and ultimately your firm)
  • Firm growth

…and an improvement in your SEO. The above recommendations will not only improve your Google ranking (and keep you there) but will ensure that when someone does find you – they know that you’re one of the best in your field.

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