According to our recently released State Of Digital Marketing In Professional Services report, of the top performing finance and accounting firms*: 32% leverage web contact form, 30% own a blog and 30% of financial firms use email marketing.

These numbers show that a select few finance and accounting firms are embracing the digital evolution and those which are, are seeing the benefits that come with high-growth.

However, compared to other sectors in the professional services industry, the majority of financial firms are lagging behind. 13% of accountancy firms and 10% of financial services firms still don’t have a website and 32% don’t allocate any marketing budget per annum. Therefore, it’s no surprise that 24% don’t convert ANY new business enquiries per month.

With the inevitability of digital progression, those who have already embraced and are utilising digital methods as tools to drive their business forward will be the ones in the best position.

In this blog series, we’re showcasing Leaders In Finance: Individuals who have shaken up the way financial services firms have traditionally done business and who are playing a crucial role in shaping the future of both their firm and the wider sector.

Leaders in Finance: Kirby Rosplock PhD, CEO and Founder of Tamarind Partners

Dr Rosplock is the founder of Tamarind Partners, Inc., a research, advisory and consultancy practice that works with families, advisors and institutions connected to the family office market. Working and promoting her business both online – through blogs and social media – and through her numerous published books, Dr Rosplock has successfully generated a reputation that puts her at the forefront of wealth management within the family office market. Read more here…

Like this ‘trailblazer’ we’re all about shaking up the professional services industry at Propero Partners. Rather than ‘fitting in’ to the way traditional financial services firms have been operating, we’re working to change the typical, out-dated business processes and attitudes that are stopping these firms from growing.

By implementing proactive marketing efforts on behalf of small to medium sized accounting and financial services firms, we’re helping our clients to develop digital growth strategies that actually work, and that prove that new business enquiries (beyond the referrals they’re already getting) ARE really out there.

If you’d like to hear more about the work we do with financial services firms like yours, get in touch.

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