According to our recent State Of Digital Marketing In Professional Services report, of top performing law firms*: 77% leverage web contact forms, 57% own a blog, 39% use web content downloads and 23% run paid search ads.

These numbers show that legal firms are embracing the digital evolution.

In fact, compared with other sectors in the professional services industry, legal firms have the most positive attitude toward digital marketing as a means of achieving business growth. In the same report – which can be downloaded here — 84% of respondents from legal firms (9% above the professional services industry average) rated digital marketing as either effective or highly effective in their industry.

But who are the people in the driving seat?

In this blog series, we’re showcasing Leaders In Legal: Individuals who have shaken up the way legal firms have traditionally done business and who are playing a crucial role in shaping the future of both their firm and the wider legal sector.

Leaders In Legal: Tessa Shepperson, Founder of Landlord Law

Tessa Shepperson left her job as a traditional sole practitioner in 1994 – where she ran a mixed-bag litigation practice – to start up online legal business, Landlord Law. Landlord Law is now an online advice and legal service provider specialising in areas such as tenancy agreements and eviction. Tessa grew Landlord Law mainly through blogging and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at a time where many people didn’t even know that such online services even existed. Read more

Leaders In Legal: Daniel van Binsbergen, CEO of Lexoo

After nearly six years at a leading city law firm, Daniel left to set up online law marketplace, Lexoo. Lexoo’s service offerings are changing the conventional legal business model by enabling business clients to connect with low overhead senior lawyers, cutting out the expensive offices and high-earning partners. Read more…

Like these trailblazers, we’re all about shaking up the professional services industry at Propero Partners. Rather than ‘fitting in’ to the way traditional law firms have been operating, we’re working to change the typical, out-dated business processes and attitudes that are stopping these firms from growing. By implementing proactive marketing efforts on behalf of small to medium sized legal firms, we’re helping our clients to develop digital growth strategies that actually work, and that prove that new business enquiries (beyond the referrals they’re already getting) ARE really out there.

If you’d like to hear more about the work we do with legal firms like yours, get in touch.

*Firms that receive over 20 new business enquiries per month

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