Why use LinkedIn InMail Advertising?

Many management consultants once turned their nose up to the idea of spending money on social media advertising. More traditional methods of communicating such as email marketing and direct mail were usually favoured – and they do work.

But now that 55% of B2B buyers say they search for product/vendor information on social media (Source: LinkedIn) it would be unwise to think you can leave social media out of your marketing or advertising strategy.

LinkedIn’s Direct Mail tool, LinkedIn InMail, for example, has been found to yield a response rate 3 times higher than traditional email (Source: Business.LinkedIn).

This is just one of the reasons why most marketers working in the management consultancy industry will regularly use it as a channel to reach new clients.

And it’s why I’m giving you this information on how to get success from LinkedIn InMail yourself.

LinkedIn InMail: How to Get Success

No doubt, the biggest obstacle you’ll face with LinkedIn InMail is how to compete with the messages being sent by your competitors. It’s likely your target audience will have an inbox full of mail, so ensuring yours stands out is a task, however, there are 4 simple-to-implement ways of getting a head start.

LinkedIn InMail Tip #1 Don’t send on Saturdays

Statistics published by LinkedIn say the best response rates for LinkedIn InMail occur between 9 and 10 a.m, Monday – Friday. Sending InMail on a Saturday means you’re 16% less likely to get a response. (Source: Business.LinkedIn)

LinkedIn InMail Tip #2 Make your preview stand out

Most people running LinkedIn InMail campaigns will solely focus on the content of the message, which often comes at the detriment of the preview (the part of your message that the audience will see in their inbox, before clicking to open it). The biggest challenge for anyone running these types of campaigns is to persuade their audience to open the message in the first place.

Spend time making sure the preview includes a reason for opening your message.

Getting people to reply or respond to your message is difficult enough, don’t fall at the first hurdle by overlooking your inbox preview.

LinkedIn InMail Tip #3 Keep the content attractive

If your content looks daunting, it’s likely your click-through rate will suffer. This means that the valuable percentage of people who you’ve convinced to open the message, won’t bother reading through to the end.

To stop this from happening:

  • The copy should be fewer than 1,000 characters
  • The call-to-action (CTA) should be clear and time sensitive: InMails with these features see 8 times higher registration rate than those without.
  • The page you land on after clicking through should be optimised for mobile
  • Bold, underline and italicise key points in your message. By making the key takeaways stand out, you’re more likely to attract the attention of those who will only skim read your content.

LinkedIn InMail Tip #4 Lead with a relevant first line

Make sure the person on the receiving end of the message knows you’re speaking directly to them. Highlight the details you do know about them early on in the message copy e.g as a firm owner, event organiser, recent graduate.

Constructing the message in this way will ensure they know, from the offset, that your offer is going to be of interest to them specifically.

When to use LinkedIn InMail

When used correctly, LinkedIn advertising is an effective way to generate new business enquiries from the decision makers in industries you want to be working with. However, without experience crafting and optimising LinkedIn InMail campaigns, they can get expensive, and quickly.

If you’re new to paid social media, the best way to get success from LinkedIn advertising campaigns in the long term is testing.

Want to get results but skip the costly trial and error?

With over a decade’s experience in running LinkedIn advertising campaigns specifically for professional services firms, we understand when LinkedIn works and when it doesn’t. Interested in seeing what results advertising on LinkedIn could generate for your firm? Get in contact, after just a quick conversation, we can tell you whether you’re spending on the right channels for your goals.

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