Back in April 2017, the number of LinkedIn users hit 500 million (Source: And since its inception, the social platform has developed the reputation of being the largest facilitator of ‘digital referrals.’

Want to start generating more ‘digital referrals’ for your firm? All you need is a personal LinkedIn profile and this handy guide to boosting your presence…

(Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about using LinkedIn to generate NEW enquiries, read my LinkedIn Sponsored Content and LinkedIn InMail blogs).

Give your LinkedIn a quick-fix makeover…

Up your skills

How many skills do you currently have listed on your personal LinkedIn page? And when did you last update those skills to reflect the new areas your firm is expanding into?

A common mistake many business professionals make is assuming others will know about the skills they have. But usually they won’t and they won’t waste their time trying to find out what they are. People are used to finding the information they want, when they want it which means you MUST make your skills clear.

If your experience, and areas in which you excel, aren’t digestible in the first 30 seconds of their visit, they’re likely to move on.

TOP TIP: We suggest having a minimum of 7 of your most relevant skills. Too many and it won’t seem sincere, too few and you’re not accurately demonstrating your experience.

Take a professional headshot

It may sound trivial but a professional headshot could see you attract 14 times more profile views (Source:

Blurry or unprofessional photos can be an instant turn-off. As a senior influencer in your firm, often you’re one of the biggest USPs. If you’re not taking your social presence seriously, that can speak volumes and reflect poorly on your attention to detail.

Customise your LinkedIn URL

When you sign up to all social networks, you’ll be assigned a default URL which is usually something unflattering like: James85647928489f.

Having a long ugly slug (the bit at the end of the URL) doesn’t harm your LinkedIn profile however it doesn’t help.

Changing your URL is easy simple:

1. Click onto your profile
2. Click ‘edit your public profile’
3. Click on the pencil symbol under ‘Edit public profile URL’

TOP TIP: If is taken, try using a middle initial or your industry e.g

Repurpose your firm’s content

If you can see the value in LinkedIn, but don’t have the time or energy to post regular updates that are LinkedIn-worthy, you’re not alone. Especially as nowadays other LinkedIn users seem to have taken it upon themselves to police what they believe to be inappropriate content.

It’s enough to make you give up and retreat back to social media hibernation. But, being active on LinkedIn is the single most important thing you can do. A cobweb-collecting LinkedIn profile IS worse than no LinkedIn profile at all.

The good news is there’s a pretty simple, but VERY overlooked solution: post and repost your firm’s content.

Use your company’s blogs, resources and email marketing to post on your LinkedIn. Don’t have any content? Read our content marketing checklist for some ideas on what content your accounting firm should be generating.

Wait, there’s more…

While these quick-fixes to your profile will improve your LinkedIn reputation and increase the number of digital referrals you could generate as a result, there’s more you should be doing.

LinkedIn should make up a large chunk of your social strategy and should encompass an element of organic (free) strategic engagement and paid advertising. Strategic engagement is something we advocate to every single one of our accounting clients – to take the ROI of their social efforts just one step further by maximising their assets.

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