It’s the golden rule of business: you need to spend money to make money. Therefore, it stands to reason that if management consultancies aren’t spending money on marketing tools and getting their name ahead of competitors, they would receive few—if ANY— new business leads per month.

So it may come as a surprise then, to learn that this is actually how the management consultancy industry currently looks. 59% of management consultancies aren’t spending any money on marketing, and almost a quarter of them (24%) receive no new business enquiries OR referrals per month (source: Propero’s The State of Digital Marketing in Professional Services UK Industry Report, 2017).

However, the industry IS showing some signs of flux. 53% report that they feel digital marketing is either effective, or VERY effective in their industry, which suggests firms ARE waking up to the opportunities digital brings.

But, random acts of marketing aren’t enough…

If you want your business to actually be found by your ideal prospects when they’re looking for the services you offer, your online marketing efforts must be strategic. Traditional, interruptive advertising and marketing is out. It’s the age of “New Marketing” – and it isn’t about shouting louder than your competitors (and tarnishing your professional reputation in the process).

Instead, management consulting marketing is about being more helpful and offering up the expertise that your ideal clients need. When done correctly, new marketing ensures you never miss an opportunity to engage prospects, establish your industry authority and earn new clients.

In fact, with a strategic, joined-up marketing plan, you can:

  • Ensure your firm is found first whenever a potential client is looking for your services (Google rewards original content with higher search rankings)
  • Establish a powerful online presence for your business
  • Protect your reputation as a leader in your niche
  • Remain front-of-mind when ready-to-buy clients are in the market for your services

Why this matters to you…

The number of management consultancies refusing to invest in digital marketing might be in the majority BUT so is the number of consultancies admitting that embracing proactive digital marketing strategies will be crucial to getting ahead (53%) – and that number is only going to rise (source: Propero’s The State of Digital Marketing in Professional Services UK Industry Report, 2017).

Acting now, before the industry fully wakes up to digital marketing is actually an opportunity for you to separate your consultancy from the competition.

If you’re one of the 53%, then you know management consulting marketing works, so why not get it right – and get it right first time? While your competitors engage in “hope” marketing (trying a whole lot of different marketing efforts and hoping that something works), you can be certain that your firm is found first whenever and wherever a potential client is looking for your services and that you’re standing out as the leader in your niche.

What you get…

We’ve been helping firms grow for decades, which means we know what works for YOU. When you commission Propero’s management consulting marketing services, you engage the support of our entire team of marketing experts, including our in-house copywriters, advertising pros, SEO specialists and graphic designers.

Here’s what you get:

  • Original, targeted marketing content for your website and for distribution… WHICH MEANS you earn higher search rankings (Google rewards original content after all), build authority in your industry and ensure that your business is front-of-mind whenever a potential client needs your services
  • Strategic campaign design and implementationWHICH MEANS you establish a strong online brand presence and attract prospective clients with valuable, relevant information
  • Customised, automated lead-nurturing processes… WHICH MEANS you instantly respond with relevant content whenever someone shows interest in your firm (and you only ever speak to pre-warmed leads that have been introduced to your services)


The digital age is booming and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ensure you stay ahead of the competition. This guide highlights common mistakes being made by management consultancy firms and addresses the issues at hand.

With the Self-Managing Client Attraction Process in place, your firm will no longer be dependent on external factors like conference calendars or your contacts remembering to make that introduction you asked for.

This means… You’ll be back in control.

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