Recently, Google made a mistake. It sent out an email to millions of customers with the wrong date. Now, this is not a major issue for a big brand like Google who has already earned enough respect from their followers/readers — in fact it just reassures them that there really are humans working behind the brand – however, if the same mistake had been made by an SME, it could have a serious effect on its reputation.

Sending out an email to your data list requires preparation. Because email marketing is one of the most valuable forms of marketing, it can have either a positive or negative effect on your firm’s ROI depending on how well it’s executed.

For this month’s Ultimate Checklist highlight (if you’re not sure what this is, click here), we are talking about email marketing, and what your firm needs to consider before sending out an email ‘blast’. We will be focusing on maintaining trust, increasing ROI and avoiding those dreaded unsubscribes.

1. How often are you sending them emails?

There is nothing worse than getting spammed by a company. It can be both frustrating and time consuming. So, if you want to keep your list happy and avoid unsubscribes, steer clear of sending them too many communications over a short period of time.

Send-overload will diminish your list and your chances of achieving a good ROI will lower dramatically. Your emails could also be marked as spam by the recipient, which can result in your firm being suspended or removed from your CRM (Client Relationship Management) system.

2. Do your emails inform the reader?

Is what you are saying useful, interesting and informative to the reader? Telling them about your services is fine when it’s done occasionally, but your emails won’t appeal to your target audience for long if all you ever do is talk about your firm.

Make sure that you’re capturing the attention of your ideal clients with thought provoking information that is both interesting to the reader and informative about your services.

*Remember, you are trying to attract and engage them with your emails, don’t put them off with confusing jargon or hard sales pitches.*

3. What are you sending them?

Everyone responds differently to each type of email, so if you have a large list of various different characters and personalities, you need to appeal to them all.

Don’t just send newsletters, or sales emails — mix it up! One prospect might respond to a causal email about something funny but relevant to their industry, whereas another might prefer a more factual email about industry statistics and news. Consider leveraging all types of emails and scatter them over the course of a couple of months.

Some types of email:

  • selling your services
  • introducing your firm
  • industry news
  • company newsletter
  • content sharing

4. Have you proofread?

If conglomerates like Google are making mistakes, then it really can happen to anyone.

Reliability and accuracy is vital when building new relationships, so if you are making noticeable errors in the early stages of engaging with a new contact, you’re unlikely to see any ROI.

To prevent this, make sure you spend time proofreading any client-facing communications. We always recommend either having another person cast an eye over emails or taking some time away from a piece and revisiting it later with ‘fresh eyes’.

Consider all of these points before writing an email and you will start to see an increase in your replies and client generation.

If you would like some more information on any of the points mentioned above, get in touch! A member of the Propero team will be available to have a chat and talk more about email marketing.

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