I read something interesting in the news this week, about today’s working environment slowly becoming easier for those without a university degree, to land jobs at big companies. By going another route, through practical skills gained whilst in employment, hard workers are finally being rewarded. It struck a personal note, as I didn’t go to university and I’m currently the chief executive of Propero Partners.

This shift in thought has perhaps come too late for many who are in debt, and it is unlikely that the legal sector will drop its years of academic training. But there are and have been ways to swerve university in favour of a hands-on approach in the professional services.

I think this growing emphasis on “skills over school” is a refreshing move toward a fairer workplace, one without the cronyism of Oxbridge or the Ivy League, and one that we should embrace.

However, those who do not want to go to university (for whatever reason) will need to prove themselves in other, more pragmatic and applicable ways. Let’s hope that employers in professional services take a leaf out of Apple, Netflix and Google’s books, and focus on hiring people for their expertise and not only their education.


The Future of Professional Services Marketing

Technology has the potential to rapidly change professional services and how the marketing industry approaches this will be the overarching theme of the discussions.

We are proud to announce that Hannah Fish, Head of Marketing at Carpmaels & Ransford; Samantha Williams, Marketing & BD Manager at Kilburn & Strode; Nick Burbidge, Leader for Deloitte’s in-house agency 368; and Jess Gowar, Director of Marketing, Sales & Clients at BDO, are our expert panelists.

This event promises to deliver fascinating insight into the innovative technologies and methods that are currently improving marketing in the professional sector.

Don’t miss out on our Panel Discussion: The Future of Professional Services Marketing, Thursday 30 May at the Goldsmiths Centre in Clerkenwell.


Since the start of the year, we’ve really started to push Propero in the press and have had some great coverage over the two months, including articles in Accountancy AgeB2B MarketingCity A.M.ConsultancyUK, and Modern Law Magazine to name a few. Watch this space for more.


As an account manager, there are three main things that I do to keep our clients happy and I wanted to share these with you.

Stay in touch 

I know this sounds obvious but regular contact will show you care about them and their business. And remember, a quick call is always better than an email update. 

Listen to them 

Really listen to what they want, not what you think they want. Assuming they want something when they haven’t specifically asked for it can come back to haunt you. 

Deliver on time

Always deliver what you say you will and on time, otherwise you risk being seen as flaky or unprofessional. Whatever was agreed is what they have paid for, so get it right. 

One more thing, try to offer a personalised service as this shows you are willing to “go the extra mile”, however clichéd that may be. 


More than a quick-fix solution: The difference between tactics and strategy in your professional services marketing.

While they are sometimes considered the same thing, there is a big difference between tactics and strategy. How do tactics work within your marketing plan? How does your company strategise its long term goals? Read our blog to find out the differences and more…


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