We are leaving behind the dated purchasing journey of the pre-digital age and warmly welcoming the more digitally friendly, self-selection. For the management consultancy industry, this is something you need to look out for.

“Self-selection: The act of educating oneself through online research with the aim of learning about a potential provider/service in order to eliminate those that don’t fit your criteria.”

Before even getting in touch with your firm, today’s modern buyer will have already researched your social media accounts, service reviews, YouTube tutorials/videos, industry reports… pretty much your entire online presence.

The sophistication of your prospects’ initial research allows them to filter your firm out before you even knew they were looking. Essentially, they can inform themselves to the point of ‘self-selection’.

How can you retain the power in this selection process when you don’t even know who’s looking at your firm?

With all this research being conducted without you even knowing, it’s easy to feel like your firm is losing control of the selection process. But, you have more control of your online presence than you think. And if you use it wisely, you’ll not only gain consistent leads, but you’ll also be able to filter out the leads you don’t want… which means less time wasted on useless calls and emails…


Approaching the self-selection process

The best way to approach self-selection is to put in place a plan that ensures you’re always ready for a lead, when they get in touch. Angle your approach to leads by immediately driving the conversation in the direction you want.

As it’s your responsibility to direct the conversation with prospects, your online presence needs to engage with your target audience positively at every chance, to ensure they have no problems before (and after) getting in touch.

Here at Propero, we implement a 3-step process for our clients, which handles all of the above for them!

It involves:

  • Promoting good quality content that ATTRACTS the specific target audience they want.
  • An automated follow-up process, that RESPONDS immediately, followed by ongoing personalised content, whenever a prospect indicates interest in the business.
  • A pre-qualification process to help firms CONVERT the leads that meet their criteria and have been pre-warmed to their services.

The great part about this process is that it’s self-managing. So, once implemented, it takes minimal effort to maintain.

To generate the best results, we recommend getting expert advice on:

  • Knowing where and how to conduct your advertising, to ensure you’re spending wisely and getting the most from your investment.
  • Writing GREAT copy for both your initial outreach and follow-up communication—it must resonate with your target audience.
  • Getting the most out of your marketing automation platform.

To guarantee results and a return on investment from this these efforts, get in touch. A member of Propero’s senior team can talk you through implementing a campaign that delivers. They’ll help you drive traffic to your site AND convert leads into clients, all by taking advantage of the self-selection process.

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