SRA Transparency Rules - Are You Compliant?

It’s hard to believe but the majority of legal firms that Propero contacts are not compliant with the SRA rules on Transparency & Pricing. Not very reassuring.

We wanted to do something about that. So, to help firms (including those that think they’re compliant) we designed our own SRA Compliance Check & Audit Report. Created specifically to give firms like yours certainty and peace of mind about exactly what needs to be fixed in order to comply.

The cost?

A very reassuring £500

Plus, should you choose Propero to fix your issue we’ll put the investment you make into the Compliance Check & Audit Report towards any remedial work we undertake. 

We know you’re likely to already be taking steps to ensure you comply to avoid negative publicity, fines or sanctions from the SRA – and we’re here to help you with that process. 

Propero’s SRA Compliance Check

To mitigate your risk we have a bespoke audit process where we undertake a thorough check of your website (and published information) to produce a Compliance Audit Report highlighting the areas that need attention. The report contains recommendations of the things that need to be fixed for you to comply, as well as a cost for us to do the work and permit you to display the SRA badge on your site.

Wouldn’t you want that kind of peace of mind?

Your investment in our audit is £500 which you can use as credit against any work we undertake to help make your firm compliant saving you both time and money.

The good news is that Propero can RUN YOur Compliance Check AND produce the AUDIT Report without your involvement In Just A Couple of days.

Unsure About The Rules?
At some point in your day-to-day dealings you’ll have heard about the Solicitors Regulation Authority Transparency Rules. These obligate firms and freelance solicitors to publish clear, well-situated information on price and teams with regard to specific legal services.

These services include:

If you provide any of the above services you must comply with the SRA directive.

Common reasons why firms are not compliant include:-

  • Poor interpretation by unqualified 3rd party of the SRA directive
  • Insufficient technical support to make adequate website changes
  • Transparency isn’t a priority compared to other rigorous SRA rules such as AML 
  • An unwillingness to be transparent on pricing

Book your Compliance Check today and ensure you don’t fall foul of the SRA directive.

Who are Propero?
We’re an award winning group of passionate professionals helping firms like yours create communication strategies to reach your clients. 

As an independent we have the advantage of working with the Law Society and the SRA and understand their rules in depth, giving us the tools at our disposal to ensure nothing is missed. 

With decades of experience and senior executives from professional bodies including The Law Society we understand the importance of compliance as part of your branding – and we know how to fix it.

Remember – The majority of firms we speak to are not compliant (despite many believing they are)

Become compliant, book your Compliance Check today.

Need more information?
Click here to download our helpful PDF explaining what’s required and how to go about ensuring you can become compliant. Our recommendation is to book your Compliance Check now and allow us to highlight the areas specific to you that need attention. Remember our audit is fully refundable against any remedial work we do.

Or call us on: 020 3369 6844Or call us on: 020 3369 6844Or call us on: 020 3369 6844

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