Social media is rising in popularity every year. However, even though it has the ability to attract new clients and enquiries for a business, some companies still veer away from it. This rings particularly true in the accounting industry, where firms are still only relying on traditional measures like referrals to gain new clients.

Unfortunately, increased competition in a modern world means more traditional forms of marketing aren’t enough for firms, especially the smaller ones. It’s vital you take an active role in the conversations happening online, or you’ll struggle to stand out.

As a digital marketing agency, we have seen the success that a superior social marketing strategy can bring. If you’re sceptical about how you can grow your business, perhaps these top four benefits will change your mind…

1. It builds trust:

Your social accounts make up your shop front, which means social media is the place you should be showcasing your firm’s personality and expertise. Your social personality has the power to sway a prospective client to use your services while researching competitors, so the easier it is for them to see what it is you do, the quicker they’ll get an idea of what it is you stand for. Over time, this constant communication can result in enquiries developing trust in your business, which is the first step of a successful lead generation campaign.

2. Client research:

With 1.4billion active users on Facebook alone in one month (source: AdWeek), you can use ‘social listening’ to your company’s advantage. Social listening means researching the market, and monitoring what your target audience is saying about your industry online. You can follow industry chatter and stay ahead of the curve on matters that directly affect you and your clients in your target area and around the globe.

If you’re proactive in knowing your target audience’s wants and needs, you can respond with a service that’s not only bespoke, but a ‘right-fit’ solution to their specific pain point.

3. Increased referrals:

It’s possible to acquire referrals from social media, but it’s harder than it looks. For starters, you need a robust presence across multiple platforms, that not only display consistent information about your company, but also about your range of service or product offerings. It’s a place to display a depth of knowledge in your practice area, and a way to reassure potential clients you are a leader in your field.

“Of the firms that made referrals, 48.1% did so based on the referred firm’s expertise and not because of a prior client relationship”. (Source:

When potential clients are researching firms, they’re checking off a number of criteria, for example: your brand, past clients, what you have to offer, what makes you better than the others etc… By maintaining an active presence online, you increase your chances of not only receiving interest from new ready-to-buy enquiries, but piquing the interest of the right ones for your firm.

4. It’s free:

All of the major social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc, are free to use. If you wish to take advantage of their more advanced features, like advertising or a LinkedIn Premium account for instance, you can, but it’s not essential in order to maintain a conversation with prospective and existing clients or increase your brand awareness. To familiarise yourself with the platforms, begin by using the free features and then in time, or with the help of a digital marketing professional, you can implement some of the paid advertising features to capitalise on your growing social media presence.

Ultimately, the key to cracking social is understanding exactly how your audience behaves online in order to learn how best to reach them. Social media is the communication tool of today AND tomorrow, and it’s vital that you are keeping up with, if not outpacing, your competitors. If they have a stronger online presence than you, your next prospective client might just think that they are the better, more future-focused firm.

Social media is here to stay so it’s worth really getting to grips with the length and breadth of what it has to offer. If you’re putting your firm in its best light online, you’re working towards staying competitive and eliminating any chance of your competitors dipping into the fast-diminishing pool of prospective clients.

To learn more about how best to optimise your social platforms, schedule a quick consultation call with a member of our senior team.

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