Video is a powerful way to demonstrate your firm’s unique selling points (USPs). Whether you have a business model that allows you to offer services for less, or your firm’s offering relieves clients of tasks that take up commercially valuable time, or the experience and high-calibre of your people is your greatest asset, videos communicate messages in a way that captivates your audience.

At Propero, we produce high quality, valuable video content that always has a purpose.

When you choose Propero’s video package, you pick from two services: animation and live action. Animation videos—drawings of objects threaded together in a series of frames—are typically used for explainer videos, while live action—recording of either still or moving objects—lend themselves to multiple messages. Whatever your need, our expert video content and production team will work with you to establish your best fit channel.


  • Our expertly crafted videos communicate your point of difference WHICH MEANS we make it possible for you to establish your niche service and communicate it in an engaging way to your target audience


  • Our live action videos draw your audience in and entices them to learn more about your services WHICH MEANS you get a bank of multi-purpose video content that can be used on your firm’s website, pitch documents, presentations, and beyond


  • Our animated explainer videos can be used to clearly and simply communicate complex concepts WHICH MEANS your reach is broadened and more communication channels with your target audiences are opened

not sure what you want?

 If you’d like help deciding which services will best suit your firm, speak with Kelly or Felix to see how the Propero team can get you started.

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