The legal profession has been around for many years and is renowned for sticking to it’s customs and traditions.

So, when it comes to moving with the times, many firms have shown reluctance, allowing others to steam ahead. Gone are the days where firms can simply rely on referrals; the digital age is quickly taking over, making it impossible to ignore.

With competition growing more and more each year, it’s vital that your firm maintains a lead. Having an online presence is no longer a question of ‘should or shouldn’t we’… it’s now a necessity.

The UK legal sector grew 8% last year and is worth almost £26bn” (Source: Law Society 2016)

One simple way to expand your social presence is to engage in social media.

Social media may not be something you’d normally have considered when trying to gain new clients, but it is such a useful resource for displaying knowledge and connecting with prospects. It allows the customer to get an idea of what your firm is about before even talking to you. And as an added bonus, your leads are warmed up before they have even spoken to you.

LinkedIn is especially useful for law firms. Those who use LinkedIn use it specifically in a professional capacity, be it for winning business, networking or for seeking a service provider or employee to hire. It is an ideal place to interact and network with those in the same industry or with potential clients. With over 4 million companies signed on, the opportunities are endless.

On LinkedIn, you can personally connect with those who you think might benefit from your services, and you can also share your own thoughts on industry topics in relevant forums. By connecting with like-minded individuals or potential clients through your own LinkedIn account, you are building a professional community, which could be the difference between a potential client going with your firm or another.

Another huge advantage of LinkedIn is company pages. Company pages allow you to set up a profile dedicated to your business. There you can talk about your services, publish relevant content and interact with potential and current clients. It allows a you to display your business’ personality and attain ‘followers’ (other LinkedIn users), which could eventually translate into new business or referrals.

When your firm has a company page, you can also take advantage of the ability to sponsor posts and run ad campaigns. If you want to promote your services to a specific target audience, the accuracy of LinkedIn’s ad platform is invaluable. Due to it’s ability to gather data from each user’s profile, the platform can enable you to target very specific individuals. You can target specific companies, job titles, locations, genders and much more.

It’s important to know that when creating your profile, be it a personal or a company one, that you must fill out as much information as possible and maintain a constant presence on the site, updating and informing your followers multiple times a week. The more there is to offer, the higher the chance of them coming to you genuinely interested.

Having a LinkedIn account can help you get connected and reach out to the right people. You will be able to build relationships and keep up to date with trends and information in the industry, whilst expanding your professional network. And the greatest thing about LinkedIn is that it’s free!

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