Strategic Marketing for Professional Services

Referrals may still be your practice’s primary source of new clients, but how many clients are you missing out on while you wait for the next referral? And how many of those referrals have you lost to a weak online presence?

Consider this: A stunning 97% of people will research local professional services online before making a purchase decision and new survey data shows the firms that aren’t using online marketing tactics are missing out on desirable work, regardless of their reputation or ability to complete that work (Sources: BIA/Kelsey; Alyn-Weiss).

Traditional, interruptive advertising is out…

New marketing isn’t about shouting louder than your competitors (and tarnishing your professional reputation in the process). Instead, it’s about being more helpful and offering up the expertise that your ideal clients need. When done correctly, new marketing ensures you never miss an opportunity to engage prospects, establish your industry authority and earn new clients. In fact, with strategic marketing you:

  • Ensure your firm is found first whenever a potential client is looking for your services (Google rewards original content with higher search rankings, after all)
  • Establish a powerful online presence for your firm
  • Solidify your reputation as a leader in your practice area
  • Remain front-of-mind when potential clients need your services

Why this matters to you…

Where law firms have traditionally been dependent on existing relationships to generate new business, new survey data shows that the majority of clients are bringing their cases to firms that they find and research online without a recommendation or referral from a friend, colleague or lawyer (source: Alyn-Weiss).

This explains why 77% of professional firms now depend on their online presence to generate new business leads (source: Hinge). The fact is, with increased competition from increasingly marketing-smart practices, you’re slowing down your entire firm’s growth when you don’t have systems in place to attract, nurture and convert your best prospects into clients.

Strategic online marketing not only brings you a consistent stream of pre-warmed enquiries (i.e. people who are looking for the services you offer and are aware of your firm), it also ensures that your business grows predictably and sustainably.

What you get…

Our decades of experience in helping professional firms grow through strategic marketing mean that we know what works for businesses like yours. When you commission Propero’s managed marketing services, you engage the support of our entire team of marketing experts, including our in-house copywriters, online advertising pros, SEO specialists, and graphic designers.

Here’s what you get:

  • Original, targeted marketing content for your website and for distribution….

 WHICH MEANS you earn higher search rankings, build authority in your practice area and ensure that your business is front-of-mind whenever a potential client needs your services
  • Strategic campaign design and implementation…

 WHICH MEANS you establish a strong, professional online brand presence and attract prospective clients with valuable, relevant information
  • Customised, automated lead-nurturing processes…

 WHICH MEANS you instantly respond with relevant content whenever someone shows interest in your business (and you only ever speak to pre-warmed leads that have been introduced to your services)

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