The professional services industry is becoming increasingly competitive in digital markets as expectations of service are heightened and accelerated.

This lack of distinction means businesses now need to actively demonstrate a point-of-difference in order to become the obvious choice for clients.

It’s more difficult than ever for firms to find a niche that’s unique to them, meaning they have to rely on more than just their bread-and-butter services to get ahead.

Smart law firms have already started to change the way they sell and market themselves by shifting the focus onto their people.

These firms have realised that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between service providers, and that the lack of human contact, once a reliable means to build buy-in and loyalty, has significantly reduced the opportunity for personalised service and collaborative problem solving.

As a result, enquiries are now buying into the people behind the business, which means it’s more important than ever to show who that is.

At Propero, we encourage our clients to do this via thought leadership content.

Firms in the legal industry tend to struggle with showing their personality professionally. One solution is to share opinions from influencers within your firm, or to demonstrate experience and interests from the perspective of key team members.

Doing so regularly, means you’re able to:

  • Start conversations with prospective clients who are hard to reach
  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Humanise your firm
  • Reinforce your brand and values

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Having an opinion on topics that directly affect your clients shows that you’re interested in the issues and challenges they face.

Demonstrating an awareness of your audience’s industry serves as evidence that your business understands their pain points and is equipped to solve them.

As the old adage goes: showing them is much more powerful than TELLING them.

Humanise Your Firm

As we spoke about earlier, overcrowding and noise in the legal industry means conventional business-to-business (B2B) selling techniques have been abandoned in favour of more ‘human to human’ marketing.

Rather than shouting to be heard, be memorable by being relevant.

Invoking relational ties between your business and your audience, increases the chances of them remembering you in the future, and choosing you when the need for your service arises.

Reinforce Your Brand and Values

If your law firm wants to attract, say, international businesses who need to hire employment lawyers when EU immigration laws kick-in post-Brexit, demonstrate expertise by sharing expert insights, or little-known facts, on topics like EU affairs, international business, immigration laws, and foreign politics.

Mindshare on current affairs and trends will reinforce your brand as a top provider of employment law, which strengthens your position as an industry heavyweight.

Next Steps…

Start answering the questions your audience wants to know the answers to, and get into the habit of publishing regular ‘perspective’ pieces from expert members of your team. The most effective channels to push your thought leadership out on include your blog, white papers, events, social media, and interactive presentations (like Slide Share).

If you’re struggling to get the ball rolling, talk to our content team who’ll be happy to work with you to devise a strategy that can fit around your other obligations.

Alternatively, offload some of the pressure by hiring a team of experts to do it all for you. We can position you as an industry leader and engage enquiries by attracting them with content that talks about the issues that directly affect them. Leave us a message below to get started, and a member of our senior team will be in touch.

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