There are two main ways your firm can leverage social media: organically (or free) and through paid advertising. Despite what you may have been told, paid advertising on social media can be straight forward and works in a very logical way.

How Does Paid Social Advertising Work?

When you pay to promote posts or display an advertisement on social media, your adverts are made visible on the pages (or in the feeds) of the people you choose to target. With paid social campaigns, you have the power to keep your target audience broad (e.g all UK decision makers) or really narrow in on a select group of individuals (e.g Recently separated couples in the Birmingham). The control is in your hands to market to who you want.

What About Leveraging Social Media Organically?

Leveraging social media organically (free) only allows you to reach members of your current following. Using this method, you’re relying on your followers to share your posts on their profile or interact with your posts for their followers to see. Though this can be a very effective form of marketing (if you have both a loyal and popular following), firms often opt to leverage paid social as a more concrete way of getting their messages in front of the right people. This is because paid social enables them to target specific audiences and to better track results.

But my ideal clients don’t use social media…

Social media advertising has increased in popularity simply because it’s such an effective form of marketing. But, even with its great reputation, some of the more traditional industries still don’t see the value in using it.

Despite misconceptions, there is a wealth of opportunity in social media advertising as 59% of people in the UK use at least one social channel. This means that the chances of your message reaching your target audience on social media is high.

Even if your audience isn’t on social media in a professional capacity, it is likely they monitor a personal account in order to keep in touch with younger members of their family or to stay up to date on the news. Making them accessible to all your firms messages and beliefs.

Keep Your Firm Up-to-date

With that in mind, isn’t it time the traditional industries start turning to this modern marketing medium? Social media offers countless opportunities to promote your firm’s services to a larger, more targeted and ‘ready-to-listen’ audience. In doing so, it can also increase your website traffic dramatically.

If you need help implementing a paid social media advertising strategy as mentioned above, take a look at our Marketing Foundation service. We specialise in helping firms like yours build and maintain the type of online presence that will deliver results. Alternatively, talk to Jessica at Propero about your specific needs on 020 3369 6844, and start the new year as you mean to go on.

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